Case Study

AC Repair Miami

How to Build an Unforgettable Brand
with GMB and SEO Optimization

We created and used the GMB “Pioneer AC Repair of Miami

  • GMB – Pre-Optimization for Pioneer AC Repair of Miami
  • Commence August 20, 2021


We follow a proprietary systemized process for each campaign.

  1. Build Website and GMB
  2. Build Social Accounts Including …
  3. Citations – Build, launch and index digital directory listings
  4. Pause and Season for 30 Days –
  5. First Grid – Each Node represents ¼ mile. Grid represents 3 x 3-mile square
  6. Node Numbers – Each number represents a GMB Ranking

Note – Google Displays results based on where a consumer searches from based on exact latitude and longitude.

GMB Optimization – Commenced August 20, 2021

Scroll down to view the results.

This was a new GMB. To start we built the site and created the GMB.

From here we created some of the social accounts. We then built out just the paid citations from Yext.

We waited 30 days and this is where we were going to start building. Our first grids we started with are ¼ mile between each node (the circles with the numbers in it.

The numbers in each circle say what position in google my business that this GMB is at for each spot as if you were to stand in that location and search for “AC Repair Miami”).

August 20, 2021

Results After 5 Hours

What we want to see is how fast can we move the GMB. We also wanted to see how much the website moves the GMB. This was what started the case study.

From here we added in 3 iframes to the website to see if that would make any changes. To our surprise it moved our GMB in a few hours. This is the result 5 hours later that same day.

August 26, 2021

Let Campaign Pause for 6 Days – Note – Improved Results as Google Indexes Campaign and compares to competitors.

August 28, 2021

Enhanced Results 1 week From Launch

Note – Schema Code Added

As you can see in less than 1 week, we have had huge expansion. Huge for the amount of time we have invested in this GMB. At this time, we decided to add in schema and we started building out the citation/directories.

Green Nodes are starting to replace yell, orange and red.

September 5, 2021

Results Improving Daily

Note – Green starting to dominate the grid. Rankings rapidly improving.

We see the heat map continuing to spread upward. As we keep moving forward based on the work that we have completed you will see the heat map continue to turn green. The next image is the GMB at 1 (21 September 2021) month of work. As you can see in the image below, we are at about 65%-70% green at this point.

September 23, 2021

Campaign Results after 30 days

Note – Green dominating the grid. Our system enables us to accurately monitor and improve results.

Citations and Schema results are measurable. After hundreds of campaigns, we know how to move the needle. We can pinpoint exactly what works and what doesn’t.

September 23,2021

Nodes Expand From ¼ to ½ Mile each. Grid expands from 3 x 3-mile square to 6 x 6 mile square.

Note – We start with a small area, test the system, then expand. Systems are measurable and repeatable. Random, set and forget campaigns do not produce results.

September 29, 2021

Campaign Gaining Strength

Note – Google Is Starting to Trust the Campaign – Results improving within the larger 6 x 6 mile grid.

At this point the schema is really starting to kick in. You will see that it is gaining in trust from google.

October 12, 2021

Press Release Article is Published

Keyword relevant articles published to 400 news sites. The benefit is enhanced Citation Exposure, a key signal to Google.

– And Future Expansion

NoteMeasurable systems are the only way to produce and maintain results.

  • Enhance With Keywords – Each campaign can benefit from more keywords. The goal is to capitalize on countless keyword queries searched by consumers. Exposure = Profits.
  • Expanded Geographic Area – Geographic Expansion Is Measured. Each business has niche services that can benefit from Geographic Expansion. Deep niche, high ticket services frequently have less online competition. The goal is to expand exposure by finding those low competition, high return on investment holes in the online market.
  • Testing – systemized strategies enable finding new markets and new income streams overlooked by competitors.
  • Website and GMB Speak to Each Other – The strategy enables us to find new opportunities. A combination of blogs, citations, press releases and articles submitted to Google News sites build a footprint on Google. The larger the footprint, the more roads lead back to the website and GMB.

At this point we still follow along but this proved to us that in a very short time we can drastically improve the rankings and reach of very competitive niches in larger cities in a shorter period of time if we are given full reign of a project. It’s important to note here that most agencies take 90 days to accomplish what was done in under 35 days here.

The major take away here is that the website should have more local relevance than they currently have. As I look across the industry as a whole, every website talks about the niche, with almost nothing to do with the location they are currently in. If we have two problems (Location and Niche), can we fulfill the location issue with just a couple of keywords added to the text? The answer is clear that we can, however it will take more money and more time vs. just adding in local relevance to the website.