Case Study

Cactus Garage
Door Repair

Company Goals

Our specific client, Cactus Garage Door Repair, is an industry based in Tempe, Arizona.

Their main goal is to get more people to hear more about their services and help their company grow. These types of leads they are looking for are very high value since they are looking for homeowners with garages or anyone with a property that are looking for garage door services.

The Challenge

The main platform for leads for this client is Facebook. Being that this company is based in Phoenix, Arizona people resonated with this since it’s well known. The challenge is to target an audience well mostly homeowners.


About 80% of internet users use Facebook. So trying to target people to use Phoenix Express Garage Door services with their Garage Door Repair Service, Broken Garage Door Spring, Garage Door Openers, and Residential Solutions. The main types of campaigns that were going on were traffic campaigns to drive more site traffic.

The audience that we wanted to target was more homeowners and people with property that had garages. We explicitly removed people renting or living in apartments from our targeting pool.  This client has been with us for years but starting from January of last year till now, we have gain 43,044 impressions to websites. With all our posts on Facebook and running ads, we had gained a reach of over 200,000 and an impression of over 800,000.

From the time we first started our traffic campaigns., the total number of links clicked was 607, reaching 19,563, and an impression of 43,044. The cost per click is $0.52. The traffic campaigns were working pushing people onto the site. The client’s total spent was $318.67. In addition,  the client had about a 2.82% CTR  for users who landed on their initial landing page.

Fast Forward
(from Januray 2020 to present)

From Jan. 1, 2020 – Jan. 22, 2021, the total amount spent was about $13,676.92 from traffic campaigns and messenger campaigns. In the messenger campaigns, the client spent $3,583.32  and it started to reach more people in a shorter period of time. Running different sort of messenger ads at the same time, targeted homeowners has been the most reach. The reach was 81,873 and an impression of 187,353.

With a reach of 107,040 and an impression of 222,587 link clicks of 1,428. In addition,  the client had about a 2.33% CTR  for users who landed on their initial landing page. So for more people

The Outcome

Once we found the audiences that worked the best and the messenger (conversions) campaigns were fully optimized, we started yielding higher cost per impression which is a normal thing with this scenario due to the fact we’re optimizing for the final event in the conversion cycle. For the whole lifetime of being with us, the client has spent $20,000 which generated 1,411,920 leads. We notice a 2.5% return on investment Cactus Garage Door Repair!