Find Local Customers with No Marketing Budget

Pay Per Lead Model

I am sure you have been there; You hired a marketing company they did not perform and you left with a bill and now you are behind and you still didn’t get the leads you need to grow and support your business.

My new initiative will bring a new approach, instead of paying thousands of dollars for a marketing company you can now utilize a pay-per-lead model.

My Name is Eldar from Local Wiz, I’ve been in marketing for over a decade and I’ve been helping many businesses grow by generating leads online and helping them win more revenue.

Over the years I have been taking companies from 0 to 100 literally from no revenue to six figures a month, one of the biggest challenges that I found is that not all businesses have the same resources to grow, knowledge, and expertise.

With pay-per-lead model, you can get leads on demand without the need to wait a long time nor large marketing expense

We all know that the best way to grow your business is by getting new customers, but finding them can be hard. 

This is where Local Wiz Marketing comes in. We offer a pay-per-lead modle looking for businesses like yours that want to reach more people in their area with affordable advertising options.

By partnering with us you will get access to our Pay Per Lead platform which allows you to target leads based on their location and demographics. Our PPL campaigns have helped businesses of all sizes increase sales and revenue through targeted ads, social media campaigns, content creation, and more

We take the risk and the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry or stress about it. 

No more big out-of-pocket expenses or gambling with your marketing our pay per lead model assure significant growth and scale without any risk

So we can get you those leads, fill the application below and will get in touch with you shortly after.

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